…But I Play One on TV

I’m not usually one to toot my own horn. I’m an incredibly humble person. The most humble person I know. In fact I would put money down that there isn’t anyone as humble as I am. I am the humblest person in the whole world and darn proud of it. But occasionally when I hit one out of the park I just have to make others aware of it so they can bask in my glory. And I feel I really smacked it this time.

Yesterday I was

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Risky Business

Farming is risky. Risky in many ways. Of course there are the obvious risks associated with nature: weather, pests, etc. as well as the financial risks of associating your livelihood to the whims of said nature. But it is also physically risky. Just do a Google on the most dangerous jobs in America and you will always find farming in the top 10. Yikes! Why did I go into this occupation?

But the risks aren’t limited to financial

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