The Farm

Onions hugging.

Fresh Earth Farms is a 20 acre farm located in Denmark Township, just west of Afton State Park. We grow over 150 different vegetables, annual fruits, herbs and flowers. We grow our produce using no synthetic chemicals. You could call us organic, but we can’t since we choose not to be certified. Why? Our farm is a pure Community Supported Agriculture farm; all the produce we grow goes to our members — with one exception. Since we have no wholesale business, our members are our only customers; no other entity represents our product. And since we are always available to answer questions from our membership and we are open to having members volunteer to learn more about how we raise our crops, we feel the opportunity for people to see and learn how we grow the produce is far superior to having a regulating body determine if we are doing it right.

What is the exception to our “pure CSA farm”? We believe community support goes both ways. Our members support us with their hard-earned dollars. We support our community by providing fresh produce to our members AS WELL AS LOCAL FOOD SHELVES. In a typical year we donate over 2000 pounds of fresh produce to Twin Cities based food shelves. This is our way of sharing the support our customer base provides.

What makes Fresh Earth Farms unique?

Criteria Fresh Earth Farms
Locally Grown Located in the Twin Cities Metro Area.
Very few food miles / food hours.
Retain farming/greenspace in metro area.
Short drive for members visiting the farm.
Property taxes paid to Minnesota and Washington County.
Pure CSA No wholesale business.
Fully committed to our CSA members.
No competition for farm resources.
You get what we grow.
Supports Community Hire Twin City residents and students working to fund education.
Shares donated to local schools for silent auction fundraising.
No migrant farm workers.
Money stays local to Twin Cities.
Excess produce donated to local Food Shelf (typically over 2000 pounds/year).
Produce Selection Large variety – 150+ different vegetables and herbs.
Many Heirlooms!
Selected for taste, not shippability or marketability.
Harvested and delivered the same day!
Picked at peak flavor.
Family Farm Family owned and operated.
All vegetables grown by Fresh Earth Farms.