Fresh Earth Farms provides a wide variety of food and farm related products.

  • VeggieShare: Fresh, locally-grown vegetables, herbs and annual fruits grown just minutes from your table.  With VeggieShare you will enjoy produce that is hours old, not weeks or even days old.  We grow all our produce without chemicals.  You could call it organic but we can’t since we are not certified.  None the less, we stick with tried and true organic products and processes — no synthetic chemicals touch your produce.  With VeggieShare you can choose your produce with our on-farm pick-up or have it delivered to a more convenient drop-site. Please see VeggieShare to learn more.  To understand more about Community Supported Agriculture please see CSA.


  • FruitShare: Here in Minnesota we are limited in the types of fruit we can grow.  However this doesn’t mean we can’t get them elsewhere!  FruitShare is like a traditional CSA however with fruit instead of vegetables.  We bring in the freshest, tastiest certified organic fruit from across the country, packed in the field and shipped that day.  Now not only can you get delicious, chemical-free Minnesota grown fruits and vegetable from Fresh Earth Farms but also organic fruit from across the country!  Please see FruitShare for more details.


  • MeatShare:  Fresh Earth Farms is proud to offer grass-fed,  organic meats from Ritscher Farm.  By teaming with Ritscher Farm we provide nutritionally superior and more flavorful beef, pork and chicken with the convenience of pick-up at Fresh Earth Farms.  To find out more about this program please see MeatShare.


  • EggShare: We are now offering delicious, nutritious eggs from Castle Rock Organic Farms. These are not just ordinary eggs.  These eggs come from free-rangin’ chickens.  Please see EggShare for more details.


  • FlowerShare: Just like our weekly produce but with flowers.  Each week you will receive a bouquet of flowers or fall decorations.  There is nothing like beautiful flowers to dress up a room or office.  Please see Flower Share for more details.


  • CheeseShare: Fresh Earth Farms has teamed with Castle Rock Organic Farms to provide our members with raw milk cheese made from cows raised on pasture.  Raw milk cheese provides a number of nutritional benefits not found in pasteurized cheese.  Plus it is very tasty!  To learn more please see CheeseShare.


  • CoffeeShare: Velazquez Family Coffee is the provider of choice when it comes to certified organic, free-trade coffee.   Velasquez Family Coffee is truly a family run organization.  Grown on the small farms of various members of the Velasquez family in the National Mountains of Comayagua in Honduras, they use no chemical pesticides or fertilizers.  They practice ecologically sound farming including the preservation of old shade trees and the planting of new trees.  To learn more please see Coffee.


  • WinterShare: Who says you can’t enjoy Minnesota grown produce in January? With a WinterShare you will receive a variety of different produce that stores easily during the winter.  Most items in a WinterShare will store in a cool, dry place.  No need for expensive refrigeration.  To learn more please see WinterShare.


  • Custom Herb Six Packs: For those members who like the convenience of having their own herb garden we offer a custom order herb six-pack.  Select any combination of the herbs we grow and we will start them in our greenhouse in 2.5 inch per cell six packs.  They will be ready for your garden or pots on your patio in mid May.  Please see Custom Herb Six Packs for more details.