With our farm located within the Twin City metro area,  Fresh Earth Farms strives to be the most flexible CSA on the market today.  We have found that no two families are alike.  Some like the convenience of delivery.  Others prefer to have total control of the produce selection.  At Fresh Earth Farms we cater to both.

Whether picking up at the farm or at a drop site, Fresh Earth Farms provides two share sizes: CoupleShare – good for two to three people; or FamilyShare – enough to satisfy three to five or more people.

On-Farm Pick-up

On-farm pick-up provides the most flexibility of any CSA.  With on-farm pick-up you choose the produce you take home with you.  If you don’t like cauliflower take broccoli instead.  Please see On-Farm Pick-Up for more details.

Drop-Site Pick-Up

This approach is the traditional approach of most CSAs.  Each week instead of coming to the farm to select your produce, we will pack and deliver a box to a local drop-site for you to pick-up.   All boxes contain the same type and quantity of produce.  Each member is responsible for picking up their box at their designated drop site during the designated pick-up time.  Please see Drop-Site Pick-Up for more details.

When it comes to choosing where to pick-up your produce you can’t go wrong.  At the farm or at a drop site, either approach provides you the same delicious, nutritious produce direct from our farm.