FruitShare is your ticket to sampling exceptionally tasty fruit varieties at the peak of the season.  Imagine eating tree ripened, juicy peaches and nectarines; unique apple and pear varieties known for their sweetness, refined flavors and fragrance; handpicked blueberries, cherries and more.  We invite you to sign up today and participate in the FruitShare season through Fresh Earth Farm.

FruitShare is designed for 2-4 people, which makes it perfect for families, or sharing with friends or co-workers.  All the fruit is grown on certified organic groves and orchards located in various regions of the country.  Summer stone fruit, such as peaches, nectarines and cherries, originate from orchards in California, Colorado and the Pacific Northwest.  Specialty apples and pears are grown in Minnesota and the Pacific Northwest.  Specialty citrus comes from Texas, Florida, and California.  Cranberries come from Wisconsin.

When you purchase FruitShare you are getting the top picks from the best orchards and groves in the country.  We are confident that your fruit will arrive with a freshness advantage because we ship direct from the orchard to you.  Instead of holding fruit in a warehouse for days, or placing it on a retail shelf until it sells, FruitShare customers receive fresh organic fruit deliveries literally days after the fruit is picked.

FruitShare requires no special handling – store as you normally would similar perishables at home (i.e. refrigeration).  FruitShare provides additional Storage & Ripening Techniques at  We encourage customers to visit the FruitShare website and follow the Storage & Ripening Techniques to maximize your experience.

When you purchase a FruitShare, you sample the same seasonal organic fruits we take home to our own families and friends.  In the event we substitute a different fruit variety from our normal FruitShare season, we will provide fruit of equal or greater value.  During the course of the season we post harvest updates on our website to keep you informed.  Each season is different and often leads to exciting times getting the ‘cream of the crop’ to FruitShare customers.

We look forward to bringing you the best seasonal organic fruit available.  Reserve your fruit on the tree today! Sign up for FruitShare using Fresh Earth Farm’s order form, and get ready for great tasting fruit.

Summer Fruit in Season:
Blueberries (late June)
Cherries (mid-July)
Colorado peaches (mid-August)
Red grapes
Green grapes
Black grapes
Valencia oranges

Fall Fruit in Season:
Satsumas mandarins