Fresh Earth Farms is proud to offer grass-fed, organic meat from Ritscher Family Farm.

Ritscher Family Farm is a fifth generation family farm located in picturesque Buffalo County in western Wisconsin. The farm is a mixture of forested hillsides and fertile meadows that provide the foundation of all our natural farming program. The current owners, Jim and Kathy Ritscher, returned to the farm in 1983, where they raised their two sons, Adam and Chris. Over the years, Chris and his wife Kendra, have become co-owners and have added another generation to the farm with their young sons, Gabriel and Samuel.


Ritscher Family Farm 100% grassfed beef cattle are raised entirely on high quality grass and forages, producing a lean, healthy meat that is packed full of flavor and nutrition. Grassfed beef has been shown to contain more unsaturated fats and “good cholesterol” than most beef which is fed a high energy diet of corn and grain.

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Ritscher Family Farm Heritage Pastured Pigs are raised outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  They are fed a nutritious diet of locally grown organic grain along with all of the grass and forages they can eat!  They are rotated through fresh pastures so they always have somewhere new to expolore and root around!  These “happy hogs” are either half or full blooded Berkshire, a breed well known for its tenderness and excellent flavor.

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No chicken for 2018.

Ritscher Family Farm pastured chickens are raised in as natural of a setting as possible, producing a healthy, flavorful meat. They spend the majority of their lives out on pasture where they have access to plenty of sunshine, grass, and bugs, all of the things a chicken needs to be a chicken!  Every day the birds are given access to a new area for them to forage and frolic in. They are also provided with organically grown feed,  fresh water, shade, and shelter. Our birds are free of medications, antibiotics, and artificial growth hormones so when you purchase a Ritscher Family Farm chicken for your family, you know you are eating meat the way nature intended it to be.

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For 2018 there are three options:  All beef, all pork or mixed beef and pork.