Coffee beans


Fresh Earth Farms is proud to offer our members Velasquez Family Coffee.  Velasquez Family coffee is organically grown on the small farms of various members of the Velasquez family in the National Mountains of Comayagua in Honduras.  They use no chemical pesticides or fertilizers.  Members have stated “it is the best coffee I’ve ever tasted!”  To learn more about their coffee and their family please visit Velasquez Family Coffee.

With CoffeeShare you select the amount and variety of coffee you want each month.  Fresh Earth Farms delivers it to your pick-up location with your vegetable share.  What could be easier?  If your tastes change or you’d like to try some of their other varieties, you may change your order prior to your next shipment by contacting Fresh Earth Farms.

Velasquez Family Coffee roasts three caffeinated coffee blends, two decaffeinated blends and numerous flavored coffees.  Unflavored coffee is available in 12 oz. resealable bags.  Flavored coffees come in 8 oz resealable bags.  All coffee can be ordered as either ground or whole bean.

Unflavored Varieties

• Alma’s Full City Roast (medium) – a full bodied coffee gently roasted to bring out the complex flavors of the bean.

• Maximo’s French Roast (dark) – a very dark roast that brings the natural oil of the coffee to the surface and provides a smoky full-bodied flavor.

• Memo’s Breakfast Blend – a careful blend of our medium and dark roasts that balances the lovely flavors of the bean with the dark richness of the French Roast.

• Swiss water Decaf – Light Roast

• Swiss water Decaf – Dark Roast

Flavored Varieties

• Almond Amaretto – a classic blend of mild cherry and the rich flavor of toasted almonds

• Cinnamon – gourmet African Cinnamon

• Carribean Hazelnut – the rich nutty taste of gourmet Hazelnut

• Dutch Chocolate – sharp, dark chocolate flavor

• French Vanilla – warm tasting gourmet vanilla

• Irish Cream – light refreshing, gourmet Irish Cream