Herb Six-packs

Herbs in the greenhouse.


For those members who like the convenience of having their own herb garden we offer custom order herbs.  Select any combination of the following herbs and we will start them in our greenhouse in 2.5 inch per cell six packs.  They will be ready for your garden or pots on your patio in mid May.


Basil – Italian Large Leaf
Cilantro: Flavorful herb used for Mexican and Asian cooking.  Note that cilantro plants go to seed quickly.
Dill: Use both leaves and seeds.  Note that dill plants go to seed quickly.
Oregano – Greek: Great for Mediterranean dishes.
Parsley – Curly: The standard curly leaf parsley.
Parsley – Flat Leaf: More flavorful than curly leaf parsley.
Rosemary: A woody perennial grown as an annual.
Thyme: Adds flavor to almost any dish.