On-Farm Pick-Up

Looks like a great cabbage!

On-farm pick-up provides the most flexible approach to CSA.  With on-farm pick-up you are in control.  You will personally select the produce you take home.  On-farm pick-up is like shopping at your own personal farmer’s market.

In addition to the advantages of personal selection, with on-farm pick-up you have a direct line to the people who grow your produce.  One of the employees of Fresh Earth Farms is always available in the pick-up tent to answer your questions.  Don’t know what a specific vegetable is?  Simply ask!  Don’t know how to prepare something?  If we don’t know, another member picking-up at the same time may have the answer.

Finally with on-farm pick-up you have access to all products Fresh Earth Farms offers.  For more details on additional products please see our Products.

To understand what is included in a share please see Share Size.