Frequently Asked Questions

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You have questions?  We have answers…

How do you determine what you grow?

We survey all our members as to their fruit and vegetable likes and dislikes.  We also request variety suggestions from them as well.  Then using a proprietary mathematical model we figure out what combination of items will meet the culinary requirements of a preponderance of our membership.  If that doesn’t work we just use a dart board.  In either case we seem to come up with a pretty good mix.

How long is Fresh Earth Farms’ season?

We plan on having a 19 week season.  We generally start in the middle of June and run through the end of October.

How long has Fresh Earth Farms existed?

We purchased the land and started the farm in 2002.  We’ve been growing organically in our own garden since 1993.

What are the benefits of on-farm pick-up vs. delivery?

Both services have their benefits.  Delivery should be more convenient for those located a distance from the farm.  On-farm pick-up provides far more flexibility.  Please click here for more information.

Can a single person participate?

If you are single we have a solution that may work for you.  Please contact the farm for details.

How many people would a CoupleShare feed?

It will satisfy two adults depending on eating habits.

How many people would a FamilyShare feed?

A FamilyShare would feed three to five people depending on eating habits.

My family has two adults and two small children.  Which size would you recommend?

If the children are big eaters you might consider a FamilyShare.  Otherwise for typical elementary children and younger a CoupleShare would probably suffice.

Can I change share sizes if I determine I bought too small of a share?

Once we are sold out we have no additional produce for adding later in the season.  It is recommended that you purchase the correct amount upfront.  If you need help figuring out which size to buy please call the farm.

If I can’t make my normal on-farm pick-up day can I switch to another day?

Yes.  You may switch days within a given week by giving us notice the day prior to the day we would harvest for you.  For example, if you are switching from Friday to Tuesday we need to know by Monday.

What are my options if I can’t make it to my drop site to pick-up my produce?

If you know ahead of time you can switch to on-farm pick-up for that week’s produce.  Since the farm is located in the Twin City area a one-time drive to the farm is certainly possible.  If you choose this option please contact us so that we can plan accordingly.  Our pick-up times can be found here.  Some drop sites will keep your produce for you for pick-up the next day.  The instructions you receive for that drop site will indicate if this is possible.  Be aware that most drop sites do not have refrigeration.  You can also send someone in your place but please let them know the procedure.

What would a typical week look like?

Please see Weekly Produce for pictures from past seasons and Share Size for more information.

What if I don’t care for some of the produce you provide?

We like to use a Health Club analogy.  When you join a health club you have access to many different machines, weights, classes, etc.  Nobody uses every one of the items provided to them; each person uses only those items they like and find most beneficial.  You don’t get a discount if you don’t use the weight room.

We take a similar approach at Fresh Earth Farms.  We will provide a wide range of items for all our members.  Take what you like and enjoy; leave behind that which you don’t care for.  Don’t feel obligated to take everything offered.  You are buying into a concept that is unlike the traditional grocery store.   Your main reason for joining the farm should not be price (though we feel we are fairly competitive with most produce suppliers).  The reason to join is to have access to the freshest, healthiest food you can buy, purchased from the farmer who grew it.  It is called Community Supported Agriculture for a reason.

What are your hours for on-farm pick-up?

Please see On-Farm Pick-up.

Where are your drop sites?

Please see Drop-site Pick-up.

Is Fresh Earth Farms certified organic?

The short answer is no, though we conform to organic standards.  Since we are a pure CSA farm — we give all the produce we grow to our members — we have no other outlet for our produce.  Therefore no other entity represents our produce thus eliminating the main reason to get certified.  Members are always welcome to come out to the farm during our working hours.  We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  We are very transparent in our processes and are happy to show you how we do what we do.